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New things coming soon! Please see our blogpost for current updates →


**Please Note: We are working with production partners on manufacturing the custom garments. Stay tuned in the coming weeks.
See our current available styles on our Products page. Please read our blog for continuing updates.

Do you have photos of what the dresses/clothing look like in real life?

Yes, there are some photos on our Products page. We will update that page with photos as we have more, so it's the best place to look.

Help! I can't get the design tool to work on my computer?

CONSTRVCT requires a web browser that supports WebGL. We recommend using Google Chrome. For a more comprehensive list, take a look at our WebGL page.
Unfortunately, since WebGL is a new technology, it doesn't work for everyone's computer. We have noticed that if your computer is older than 4 years, it really doesn't work. There are also some newer computers where it doesn't work, and there is not much we can do about it right now. Updates to WebGL happen every couple months, and we're still working on building CONSTRVCT, so it's worth checking back later.

What browser should I use?

We recommend using Google Chrome. CONSTRVCT requires browsers that support WebGL. For a list of commonly used that support the WebGL standard, take a look at our WebGL page.

What's my size?

For advice on how to measure yourself and a comparison chart of common sizes, see our Measurement Guide

Can I order fabric from CONSTRVCT?

We've looked into this, but it doesn't make sense for us right now. We're sorry that we can't offer this directly for you at this time.

Can I get some fabric swatches?

We've had some recent fabric changes, so we are not sending out swatches at this time.

I want to upload an image, what kind should it be?

You can upload jpg or png files. Hi-Res images print the best, please have some patience for them to upload. Most iPhone photos taken with decent light will work great.
You can read more about our resolution and format guidelines.

Where do you ship?

We ship worldwide! Shipping to the USA is $9.00 via USPS Priority Mail. All other countries can choose between USPS First Class International at $12.00 and Priority Mail at $35.00.

How do I care for my CONSTRVCT garment?

The Constrvct Sheath dress should be dry cleaned.

For all other styles: Turn the garment inside out before washing. Machine wash cold delicate cycle. Use a mild detergent. (no Tide) Line dry recommended.

Can I order a Gift Card?

Apologies, we are not offering gift cards at this time.

What are your terms and conditions?

You can find our Terms & Conditions here.

Quick Summary:
You retain all rights to and are responsible for any images you upload.
Your uploaded images are private.
Designs created and saved at CONSTRVCT are publicly viewable. This is because we built CONSTRVCT to be about creative participation and discovery.

All orders are custom made, so there are no returns.

Can other people buy my designs?

Occasionally we select artists to offer their designs for sale on our site. Selection will be on a rolling basis, and basically depends on whether we have time for it at the moment. Please update your user profile with accurate information so that we can email you in the selection process. Sometimes there are special events where we select a few designs from those on the website to feature, so having up to date contact info is also useful for that.

What is your contact info?

Please email us at

You can also find us on Twitter @constrvct

Couldn't find what you were looking for? Send us an email at

You can also find us on Twitter @constrvct